Treating inflammation of urinary bladder, even with all the possibilities from pharmacology is very difficult: a little cold makes the disease returning again. However, cystitis is not only unpleasant with exhausting urination and general deterioration of the condition. It is also dangerous: chronically inflamed urinary bladder walls with the lapse of time become thinner, ulcerate and atrophy as their mucous membranes simply do not have time to recover after frequent attacks of cystitis.

And if it is still possible to somehow fight with antibiotics against infections that cause inflammation, then it is generally useless to treat interstitial cystitis (non-infectious variety of the disease).

It sometimes requires completely barbarous methods of treatment, up to surgical excision of a part of the urinary bladder, and even its complete removal with lifelong wearing of the urinal.


The regenerating complex MeaPlasma based on human autoplasma is a new generation medicine and a special method of its application, which finally gives a qualitatively new opportunity to stop the many years sufferance of patients.


Cystitis: solution is found!

Autoplasma is a product obtained from patient's blood obtained by centrifugation from a small amount of it. Autoplasma is saturated with platelets - shaped elements of blood responsible for restoration of damaged tissues of organs. In addition to them, the product contains many proteins, vitamins and hormones, which in their turn participate in regeneration and significantly accelerate recovery.

Injection is made in the walls of the urinary bladder, and in case of urethritis - in the walls of the urethra. This procedure is quite fast and painless.

The preparation of own plasma instantly begins intensive regeneration of inflammation-damaged areas of the mucous membrane. At the same time, other equally important changes occur in the tissues of the urinary bladder:

• Local immunity is strengthened, which makes the mucosa and organ muscles much more resistant to the destructive effects of infections and autoimmune processes

• Improves blood circulation in restored tissues

• Normal muscle tone of the urinary bladder and its neck is restored - the person is  reliably insured against leakage of urine


At the end of the course of treatment, it is possible to talk about the onset of remission - a strong improvement in well-being, which may well last not only for years, but also for the whole life. Everything here depends on the initial diagnosis: in case of infectious cystitis, one can expect complete recovery, and in case of interstitial cystitis - a long-term improvement of work of the urinary bladder, which in itself is a huge accomplishment.


The regenerating complex MeaPlasma is fully compatible with both medical courses and physiotherapy, so the total effect of combined treatment becomes even higher. Another of its merits is reduction of the drug load on the body and acceleration of recovery.


What do personal sensations and laboratory tests say?

Treatment of cystitis with the MeaPlasma complex requires just a few injections depending on severity of the process - from 5 to 7, but the first results can be assessed after the first or the second session. Patients notice an obvious improvement in their health condition, a reduction in the number of urinations, pain and spasms, and this is not only a subjective sensation.


They are confirmed by the results of the laboratory urine test. The general analysis shows visible positive changes:

• Each time the number of red blood cells and protein decreases until they completely disappear

• The urine reaction changes from alkaline to normal acidic one

• Mucus disappears

• Parameters of leukocytes and epithelial cells are normalized


Indications and contraindications

In addition to cystitis, the regenerative complex MeaPlasma has proved its efficiency in treatment of urethritis and other infectious diseases of the urinary system.

The preparation is contraindicated in malignant oncology, thrombocytopenia of various genesis, acute fever conditions.