Strong, dense and shiny hair is no longer a dream, but a reality, when people stop deceiving themselves, by putting unjustified hopes on miraculous shampoos and masks, and turning to medical methods.

One of the most effective - MeaPlasma - is especially developed by us and it is a regenerative complex for solving a variety of cosmetic problems, including everything related to hair condition.


What is MeaPlasma?

The method consists of two cycles.

The first cycle is extraction of platelet autoplasma from patient's blood by centrifuging a small amount of it until almost complete removal of all heavy fractions - leukocytes, erythrocytes and others.

First, 20-30 ml of blood is taken from the vein, then this amount is extracted in a vacuum tube, and then into a centrifuge and is processed so as to obtain the maximum platelet-rich preparation - platelet autoplasma.

The obtained autoplasma contains not only platelets, but also the concentration of own vitamins, proteins and hormones derived from patient's blood.

The second cycle is the actual treatment with subcutaneous injections, which begins immediately as soon as the preparation is completed.

How does it work?

The obtained autoplasma is injected subcutaneously on the head of the patient in the places most prone to alopecia, seborrhea. The method begins to work with the first procedure - in about a week patients notice an obvious decrease in the amount of hair left on comb, clothing and cushion.

This is what happens to hair and scalp under the influence of injections of platelet autoplasma:


• Activation of blood circulation in the scalp, which improves blood flow and nutrition of hair papilla - they fully receive and absorb everything necessary for development and growth of hair

• Strengthening of the hair bulbs already existing in the epidermis, their natural replenishment with all the useful substances existing in the autoplasma

• Natural hormonal stimulation of formation of new bulbs - with passage of time strong, healthy hair begins to grow from them

The scalp is renewed and breathes better; its water balance returns to normal: it stops itching and peeling off because of lack of moisture.

Local immunity of the scalp strengthens, which helps fighting against fungal infection - the cause of dandruff.

In total from four to eight sessions are required with breaks of 7-10 days. Their number is determined by the therapist depending on the type of disease, its causes and severity.


The result is a noticeable density of hair, even where it seemed hopelessly lost vegetation areas of head, elasticity and shine of overgrown hair becomes just like in commercials about shampoos and masks.


Advantages of the method

Shortness of the course and results from the first time are not the only advantages of the MeaPlasma method. Specialists working with it constantly also note:

• Full safety: patients never have allergies to the product from their own blood or anesthetic - the injections are completely painless and do not require use of painkillers

• Low labour intensity 

• Minimal time spent – the product is made and injected in about 20 minutes

In addition, the courses of injections of platelet autoplasma can be combined with other types of treatment: MeaPlasma will only enhance their effect. This method is convenient to be used as basic therapy.


Target patients

Any healthy person who is dissatisfied with the condition of his/her hair can use the autoplasma treatment. However, there is also the target group of the methodology:

• Patients with alopecia of various types

• People who unsuccessfully struggle with seborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis for years

• People who do not have dense and strong hair natively

The contraindications to the treatment are few: thrombocytopenic conditions, malignant oncology, fever, any acute infectious diseases.