Can world cosmetology procedures radically rejuvenate the skin of the face, excluding at the same time:

  • Any surgical intervention
  • Aggressive chemical, light or mechanical effects on the skin
  • Long recovery period
  • Any, even purely theoretical, cases of injuries, allergies and infection?

We confidently say - YES!

This is MeaPlasma, our method of injective correction of the face oval and problem skin.



How does it work?

The basis of the method is plasma extracted from patient's blood using special vacuum tubes and passed through a centrifuge. Centrifugation provides not only removal of most of the shaped elements from the sample, but, most importantly, a high concentration of platelets.

Platelets are known to play a key role in recovery of damaged tissues, but to achieve a pronounced regenerative effect their usual amount of about 200 thousand/μl is small.

To increase the concentration of platelet mass, purified plasma is subjected to centrifugation. This is how the platelet autoplasma is obtained, which is then injected point-by-point into the skin in places requiring correction.


Simplicity of applying the methodology is obvious:

  • To produce enriched plasma, only 20-50 ml of patient's blood are taken

  • Centrifugation is performed on average in 20 minutes

  • The obtained product is immediately delivered to the patient

  • Injection does not require additional anesthesia

  • The course consists of 5-6 injections, and its effect persists for at least a year


Under the influence of the injected preparation, the skin is not simply transformed externally: it self-restarts all its internal processes of rejuvenation thanks to the “native” proteins, vitamins and hormones that are contained in the preparation.


The result is:

  • Improved respiration of tissues

  • Acceleration to the natural ‘young” level of production of new cells, collagen, elastin and intercellular fluid - all that provides skin elasticity and smoothness

  • Normalization of the hydrobalance

  • Alignment of colour and relief

After the first session according to the MeaPlasma methodology, the local skin immunity is restored and activated, which not only promotes its quick healing or rejuvenation, but also significantly slows the aging process in the future.


For whom the method was developed?

The target group of patients to whom sessions of rejuvenation with autoplasma can be recommended is very wide, which makes this European method truly universal.

Convincing results were obtained:

  • in correcting the age changes of the skin itself and the face oval
  • during treatment of acne and cicatricial changes caused by acne
  • in removing traces of photoaging, pigment spots, cellulite
  • in the complex treatment of alopecia, seborrheic dermatitis

Use of injections of platelet-rich plasma - PRP-techniques - is justified in caring for sensitive skin.



Platelet injections can be used even for allergy sufferers: the body responds to the product from its own plasma quite calmly. Allergic reactions to anesthetics are also excluded: anesthetics are not used in performing subcutaneous injections.


However, there is a set of standard contraindications, when using platelet mass-based preparations:

  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Systemic and infectious blood diseases
  • Malignant oncology
  • Fever of any origin at the time of making record to follow the procedure