It is impossible to be beautiful, when you lack something else: women's health. The regenerative complex MeaPlasma stands guard, but not only for the density and shine of hair or perfect face oval without a single wrinkle, it also helps women to get rid of a numerous inflammatory diseases of the holy of holies - the reproductive sphere.

Gynecologists say that the most frequent problem of women of different ages is viral and bacterial infections that cause inflammatory processes in ovaries, vagina and uterine neck.

They are treated with difficulty; require massive courses of AB-therapy and antiviral drugs, and even surgical interventions in the most severe cases. However, to defeat an infection is one task, and to restore the mucous membranes damaged by it is another and equally difficult task. 


MeaPlasma complex - special equipment for processing a small dose of blood, obtaining autoplasma and further introducing it into the organs requiring treatment is designed to solve it.


How does the complex work?

Its basis, as already mentioned, is patient's plasma, which contains a high concentration of platelets, vitamins, proteins and hormones. Several treatment sessions (usually 5-10 of them depending on severity of the initial diagnosis) are carried out simultaneously with adequate pharmacotherapy.

The obtained autoplasma is injected into the area of the uterine neck, its body, into the ovaries or the walls of the vagina. The procedure itself is not different from all known injections, is quick and painless. It may well be combined with any outpatient treatment, and does not require special hospitalization of patient.

If the disease has already reached the surgical removal of endometriosis tissues, the areas of ulcerated cervical mucosa, the product is recommended to be used both during and after surgery, in order to accelerate healing and recovery.


Being influenced by autoplasma, vitamins and hormones, the damaged organs more likely “include” their compensatory mechanisms:


• Local immunity is activated, helping to cope with the infection itself and to prevent its attacks in the future

• Regenerative processes are accelerated at cellular level as well.

• Ulcerated or operated tissues heal faster being replaced by new and healthy ones

• Normal blood circulation is restored: healing organs are fully fed by oxygen and vitamins


Duration of treatment is reduced considerably, as consequence large doses of antibiotics, antifungal and antiviral drugs are no longer needed.


What happens next?

The result of treatment with MeaPlasma is a very important change in the function of the female reproductive health:

• Inflammatory and hormone-dependent processes cease to negatively affect the body: the long-awaited recovery comes

• The menstrual cycle is recovered and normalized

• Woman recovers the ability to become pregnant and bear the pregnancy

• Quality of sexual relations improves: now the woman does no longer feel pain

• The overall quality of life also changes: unpleasant discharges do not spoil linen, and sudden bleeding relieve from burdensome waiting for them and the need to constantly carry pads

• Normal hormonal background enable stabilization of the general mood: woman becomes more balanced in communication, calmer and more cheerful


Indications and contraindications

Treatment with the regenerating complex MeaPlasma is recommended as part of the standard therapy schemes and surgical operations in:

• Cervical erosions

• Leukoplakia

• Pre-cancerous condition of the vulva (kraurose)

• Endocervicitis, endometriosis


The product cannot be used in thrombocytopenia of any origin, acute and chronic febrile conditions, malignant tumours.