Sports medicine

New and chronic traumas unsettle sportsmen for a long period of time: not only that people have to endure severe pains, but also they give up training, participation in prestigious competitions and championships, for which they may have been preparing for years.

Treatment often lasts for many months and even then, they do not always end up with good results: sometimes the medical prohibition on playing sports becomes a sad ending of a career that was promising in the past.

Treating sportsmen is difficult not only because of trauma, but also because of specific requirements to the results of therapy: the products used should not exert a dopping-like effect on the body, otherwise scandals and disqualifications are inevitable.

In addition, therapeutic and rehabilitation schemes should produce the most rapid effect: a sportsman cannot afford the luxury of being treated for too long.


All these reasons determined the developers of the regenerative complex MeaPlasma to search for possibilities of using the properties of autoplasma in sports medicine. The reason was simple: many years of research and observations showed that the product works greatly not only in cosmetology, but also in surgery.


Mea Plasma: pure victory!

What does usually affect sportsmen? The five most common traumas include dislocations, stretching tendons, muscle ruptures, fractures and tendopathies. Traditionally surgical operations, anti-inflammatory therapy and physiotherapy methods are used to treat them.

Rapid improvement is not always possible, especially in case of chronic injuries. In constantly traumatized bone, muscle and tendon tissues, the structure and blood circulation have long been disrupted, and scarring appeared.

As a result, edema and hemorrhage are eliminated more slowly, movements of limbs are limited for longer, painful sensations appear, scarring of tissues with their further atrophy appear.

The MeaPlasma complex is a combination of the body's recovering reserves with high medical technologies. It is based on the unique properties of human plasma, enriched with its own platelets, proteins, hormones and vitamins. Being isolated from a small amount of blood, autoplasma acts purposefully on injured tissues and bones without affecting the body systematically.

It does not enter into any unpredictable reactions with pharmaceuticals, so it can not in any way be the cause of misunderstandings in dopping control in the future.


The composition of the autoplasma is such that it instantly triggers the entire mechanism of recovery:

• Gives impetus to increased work of local immunity

• Acts like antihistamines preparations, accelerating elimination of edema

• Contributes to resorption of hematomas

• Recovers mobility to joints by increasing the natural production of shaped elements of bone and cartilaginous tissue

• Restores normal blood circulation, even in repeatedly traumatized tissues, which positively affects access of oxygen and nutrition to them


As a result, injured muscles, bones and tendons are restored much faster even after complicated surgical operations. A more pronounced effect is produced by conservative therapy with NSAIDs and antispasmodics. Massage and other physiotherapy methods both at the stage of treatment and during the rehabilitation exert their influence on the injured organs to the maximum extent as well.

The product, obtained from a small amount of the sportsman's blood, is immediately injected into injured tissues and joints. The procedure itself is not different from the standard courses of injection. In total, from 5 to 10 of such sessions are required: the optimal number is determined by the therapist considering the disease.



The first results are visible within a few hours after the first session: the pain loses its intensity, edema decreases to some extent. After further procedures, the damaged joints, muscles and ligaments come back to normal not in a few months, but in just a few weeks or even days, if the trauma is insignificant.



Indications and contraindications

The MeaPlasma complex can be used to enhance the effect of surgical and conservative treatment:

• Any traumas to joints, bones and tendons

• Infectious and non-infectious inflammatory processes in injured tissues and bones

• Injuries of soft tissues


Although sports are mainly practiced by healthy people, it is worthwhile to warn about contraindications when using Mea Plasma. These include:

• Thrombocytopenia

• Feverish condition

• Malignant tumours