Our mind may be mistaken, but not our blood any ever: we, the authors of MeaPlasma regenerative complex, are ready to prove this Japanese wisdom with our long-term experience in studying the possibilities and use of human autoplasma.

This is a real saviour for the patients, who are desperate and disappointed in their previous unsuccessful treatment. This is a formula of success for the ambitious, mindful and merciful physicians.


Why did MeaPlasma appear?

Autoplasma enriched in platelets is far from being something new in medicine and cosmetology: the history of its use goes back decades. Its effectiveness was proved long ago, there was gathered the experience and there were created many techniques of use thereof, however…

The equipment always was the heel of Achilles because of its awkwardness and expensiveness: there was a need for entire laboratories in order to get this preparation before. That significantly limited the possibilities of autoplasma use because only large clinics possessing separate premises, considerable funds for purchase of the requisites and specially trained staff could properly work with it.

Many manufacturers tried to solve the problem of expensiveness and difficulties in obtainment of blood preparations. The developers aiming to make the production process and consumables cheaper gave away the main thing – the quality of the final product. As a result, that led to depreciation of the concept itself of creating some economical models of equipment and, as well, to depreciation of the results of treatment with autoplasma that used to lose its unique reparative properties due to irregularities in the procedure.

We, the medical practitioners, have spent five years to study the mistakes of previous manufacturers, have found out the reasons of their failures, have developed and launched the manufacturing of the full range of devices for enriched autoplasma production – state-of-the-art equipment ‘MeaPlasma’ – centrifugesheat regulators and consumables for them. They have an obvious advantage over their predecessors due to their:

• Compactness

• Convenience and simplicity of use

• Reliability and absolute safety

• Competitive prices both for the devices themselves and for the consumables for them

All that has been done without compromising on the quality of final autoplasma: under these new conditions, it still keeps its property to regenerate diseased mucosa, muscle and bone tissues and ligaments in the shortest time possible.


Breakthrough in the medical field

The plasma gel preparations produced with the help of our equipment may and must be used in treatment of a great deal of diseases that hardly respond to standard therapy or that required a massive course of antibiotics, antivirals, anti-inflammatory drugs and fungicides before:

• In traumatology and orthopaedics

• In sports medicine

• In urology

Autoplasma produced with the help of MeaPlasma equipment is very effective in gynaecology when treating inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system. It also fastens wound healing after surgical interventions.

Dentistry is another sphere of use of this regenerative complex and here is particularly essential the speed of tooth socket healing in the course of preparation for implant and metal ceramic prosthesis.

The cosmetologists can help their patients now to regain the skin elasticity and youth but the trichologists can propose a really effective programme of alopecia treatment or  solution of other hair problems that were considered remediless not so long ago.


Business from the ground up!

Your medical or cosmetological business will pay for itself much faster if you buy MeaPlasma equipment and consumables for extension thereof. Here are some apparent benefits even for those ones, who are only going to launch their own business or want to improve the clinic they have:

• There is no need for separate premises for laboratories: the compact equipment allows you to save the space

• The plasma gel is produced only by an employee – by the physician or by medical assistant: the whole process is fully automated and is strictly scheduled in time

• The technique of preparation injection is absolutely simple and is known to any experienced physician

• The cost of the equipment and consumables is so that the autoplasma treatment service is available to the utmost to all the patients

We are open to dialogue and cooperation with all interested parties, whether they are medical establishments or individuals. Everybody will find the most favourable conditions for themselves and will get high-quality and sensitive training, help and support.

Let us make together the world a better place and the people healthier! 

8 reasons to choose MeaPlasma:

1. Efficiency of use.
2. International certificates.
3. Guarantee of the sterility of the vacuum tube (a sterilization certificate is attached for each lot).
4. Constant methodological and scientific support from the manufacturer.
5. A full set of consumables for various medical directions from the same manufacturer (time and money saving), packed individually.
6. Constantly updated product line.
7. Unique components and methods.
8. Friendly policy of the manufacturer.