Until recently, the healing of the gums after surgeries, treatment and prosthetics took a considerable time and created a lot of inconvenience to patients.

There is one more problem - the natural loss of bone tissue after teeth extraction which, over time, determined complications in the installation of prostheses: this quite often needed initial bone plastic surgery -which is an expensive and difficult surgery.


Due to the development of regenerating complex Mea Plasma, dentists are able to solve all these problems quicker by prescribing for patients small autoplasma injection courses (2-5 sessions).

How does autoplasma work in dentistry?

Autoplasma is a product made of the patient’s blood obtained by centrifugation in a special device in small portions. Treated blood is composed of platelets, proteins, vitamins and hormones - everything that nourishes the human body and regulates its activity.

The ability of platelets to significantly accelerate healing of damaged tissues is applied not only in cosmetology, urology and traumatology. When studying the effects of the Mea Plasma complex on ill gums and gums damaged by interventions, it was found that they heal as quickly as other mucous membranes.

The vitamins, proteins and hormones contained in the product also exert their influence on regeneration of oral tissues: they provide the necessary nutrition and the correct formation of the epithelium.

Autoplasma is injected in small volumes from 0.1 to 0.5 ml into the interdental papilla, marginal gum and transitory fold. The procedures are completely painless, but at the request of the patient the doctor can pre-treat the tissue with an anesthetic.


What is the result of using autoplasma?

Renewal of tissue regeneration qualitatively changes condition of the gums and other mucous membranes of the mouth. Patients note:

• Stopping of bleeding, and with it disappearance of bad smell from the mouth

• Improvement of structure of the gums: friability gradually disappears

• Teeth stop shaking due to strengthening of the gum tissue

• Significant acceleration of healing of alveolar sockets after removal of the teeth, mucous gums, during and after treatment of periodontitis, removal of tartar

• Painless eating



In addition, the use of the autoplasma in dentistry becomes a reliable measure for prevention of periodontal disease, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Mea Plasma and implantation

Autoplasma is widely used in implanting dentures.

Until recently, the procedure of implants, in addition to the high cost, had other disadvantages : the risk of rejection and a very long period of healing of alveolar sockets left on the site of the removed teeth. In some cases, before the implant was installed, patients also needed osteoplasty - an increase in the missing bone volume of the jaw.

This sometimes lasted from three to six months. Now, with the use of the regenerative complex Mea Plasma, product used for implantation takes less time, i.e. no more than one month.

The risk of rejection of prostheses is also reduced to almost zero due to the presence in the product of “native” hormones of the patient, rapid regeneration of tissues and their reliable strengthening.


Indications and Contraindications

Use of the complex is recommended in therapy, surgical treatment and orthodontics in diseases and conditions such as:

• Parodontosis

• Periodontitis of any degree

• Gingivitis, aphthous stomatitis

• Alveolitis

• Removal of teeth

• Prosthetics with implants, cermets, removable structures


Contraindications for the use of Mea Plasma are few - it cannot be recommended to patients with any malignant tumors, thrombocytopenia of any etiology, and diseases accompanied by fever.